Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural unpasteurized and preferably organic apple cider vinegar comes with lots of beneficial nutrients particularly enzymes and minerals. Such natural unprocessed cider vinegar, with its cloudy and muddy brown appearance, looks much less attractive than the clear filtered cider vinegar you find at the grocery store but it’s that sediment called the “mother” which has all the goodness.

The clear liquid at the grocery store usually suffers from over-processing, over-heating, and filtration taking out most of the beneficial ingredients..

Many supporters of healthy eating have long suggested using natural apple cider vinegar to help control blood sugar levels and improve circulatory health.

Like other natural remedies there is little research study into the usefulness or effectiveness of taking apple cider vinegar mainly because drug companies see no profit in funding research into remedies that cannot be patented. However, many type 2 diabetics have seen a lowering of average blood sugar levels by use of natural apple cider vinegar.

There have not been many studies on it but in 2004 the American Diabetes Foundation’s journal reported that apple cider vinegar smoothed out the insulin spikes common in study participants who had either fully developed type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions.

Organic apple cider vinegar has a large potassium content and this is believed to ease the after-effects of common colds and allergies. It is also helpful in reduction of tooth decay and splitting of fingernails as both frequently result from potassium deficiency. When taking apple cider vinegar it is thought the potassium helps to flush the sodium content out of the body.

Apple cider vinegar (with the “mother” still intact) includes more than forty vitamins and minerals. It helps rid the liver of toxins and, in addition to diabetics, people with high blood pressure, arthritis, and skin conditions have seen benefits in their conditions.

There are many ways to take Apple cider vinegar but probably the best method is in its natural liquid form diluted with water to make it less pungent and if taken undiluted, could possibly cause damage to the digestive tract.

While some individuals report that it may cause a feeling of fullness or reduce hunger craving. Organic apple cider vinegar taken before a meal generally speeds up metabolic rate and reduces the sugar uptake into your bloodstream immediately following that meal. Consistency is the key as an occasional use of it is unlikely to produce any benefit.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Nothing written here should be taken as medical advice. The writer is a diabetic but is not medically qualified. If you are considering using organic apple cider vinegar to treat any condition you should consult a suitably qualified medical advisor before doing so.

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